Vivi Action Doll, the ultimate Final Fantasy IX merch, is up for preorder

Vivi Action Doll preorder preorders Square Enix Store Final Fantasy IX merchandise

Final Fantasy fans have opinions on their beloved franchise, and they’re usually pretty vocal about all of them. However, Final Fantasy IX is one of the very few entries in the series that most fans agree is really solid. (This is a bigger deal than you think it is.) And one of the enduring highlights of the game through the decades has been the character Vivi Ornitier, a timid yet adorable black mage with a bittersweet arc. So in a pretty exciting move, the Square Enix Store has opened preorders for the Vivi Action Doll, a 12.4″ doll that can take on iconic character poses. It is arguably the ultimate Final Fantasy IX merchandise — as long as you’re willing to shell out $69.99 for it.

Frankly, the Square Enix Store isn’t known for its bargains, and it’s more likely to put its video games on sale than its dolls, figurines, and other merchandise. But this Vivi Action Doll just looks so charming, and the ability to pose its movable joints adds a lot of extra value beyond that of a typical plush toy. If I had room for it, I would buy him in an instant.

When exactly the Vivi Action Doll will start shipping is unclear though, as the release date is listed as “December 2020.” It’s likely to be worth the wait regardless.

What do you think of this adorable piece of Final Fantasy IX merchandise?


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