The studio who ported Dark Souls: Remastered and L.A. Noire teases more to come

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In a recent interview with Nintendo Life, prominent developer and Switch-port extraordinaire Virtuos has teased some big ticket projects in the works for the Nintendo Switch. Recently, the development studio undertook the port of Dark Souls: Remastered for the Nintendo Switch.  That wasn’t their first foray into bringing past epics to Nintendo’s mobile console.  Virtuos also brought Rockstar’s L.A. Noire to the Switch.  And, even more recently, the studio worked with Ubisoft to bring Starlink: Battle for Atlas to the Switch.

In just the past year, that’s a few solid releases. While Virtuos also boasts a litany of work prior to the Nintendo Switch, they may be joining Panic Button as a go-to for Switch ports.  In the interview with Nintendo Life, Dark Souls: Remastered executive producer Lukas Codr shared how his team landed the gig for Dark Souls Switch port.

“We were one of the first developers on the Nintendo Switch platform, and we are always looking for more Switch projects as we love working on the console. By chance, when the idea to bring Dark Souls to Nintendo Switch was discussed, our name came up as a candidate to take care of the adaptation.”

To further highlight the notion of adapting titles for the Switch, Tang Mengjia, a producer for Dark Souls: Remastered, stated that developing for the Nintendo Switch was “really comfortable and straightforward.” Mengjia also noted that both Nintendo and FromSoftware offered a lot of support in overcoming production hurdles and providing feedback.

More Switch ports in the future

But, when asked about any other high-profile ports in the near future, Codr wasn’t able to offer anything specific but didn’t hesitate to tease the future. He said the following:

“For obvious reasons, we cannot say what exactly we’re working on, but we will definitely have some exciting high-profile Switch games coming out very soon. By porting Dark Souls we have proven that we can take on any Switch project, so we are confident we will get more projects in the future.”

In addition to future ports, Virtuos does have other projects on their plate. Codr highlighted some of the other work the studio does aside from porting games to Switch.

“Apart from ports and remasters, we are also focusing on co-development, where we develop a game in parallel with brand owner’s team – sometimes we’re responsible for a SKU or a certain feature (such as multiplayer), other times we are designing and producing levels and gameplay.”

Codr also noted that the team isn’t just engaged in console gaming, but is also developing for the mobile gaming market with a battle royale mobile game currently being tested with publishers. Virtuos certainly seems to be juggling numerous development projects.  And, as they’ve indicated, more is yet to come. Be sure to check out the entire interview for more insight into the development process for the studio.

What games would you like to see ported to the Switch? Are you hopeful that Virtuos is tapped for more FromSoftware titles?  Or, perhaps, we’ll see more past Rockstar productions make their way to the Switch.  Regardless, let us know what your thoughts are in the comments below!

Source: Nintendo Life

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