Interactive music: Talented violinist plays Nintendo tunes and sound effects live


Video games are nothing without their music. Many titles have theme songs we all cherish and remember from our youth. Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda…all of these classics have tunes we hum in the shower every day. To show his appreciation for sound, YouTube user Teppei Okada, an excellent violinist, uses his instrument to play melodies and sound effects from various games throughout Nintendo’s history.

It’s cool to see a violinist with a deep love of Nintendo

Just yesterday, Okada uploaded a video featuring arrangements from F-Zero, a franchise Nintendo has all but forgotten:

Beautiful. It’s like Okada is playing along with someone: he’s got the menu and acceleration noises down pat, and he nails F-Zero‘s intro, outro, and the excellent “Mute City” composition in just under two minutes.

This isn’t the first time Okada has showcased his gaming knowledge as a violinist. He also knows The Legend of Zelda quite well:

Also, you might have seen his rendition of Super Mario Bros. before:

These are phenomenal. The Zelda video has the Famicom Disk System startup song and turns “It’s dangerous to go alone” into actual musical notes. Meanwhile, the Mario clip songifies the 1-up trick. What more could you ask for?

Enthusiasts, what do you think of these performances? Are you going to become a violinist due to Okada’s inspiration? Let us know below.

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