Vigor free-to-play version has launched on Switch with a new trailer

Vigor free to play looter shooter Bohemia Interactive Nintendo Switch launch trailer Founder's Pack

Back in July, developer Bohemia Interactive ported Vigor over to Nintendo Switch. As the team had done on other systems, the initial launch was just for the premium version, which costs $19.99. You do get some extras with that version, mostly in-game currency, but Vigor is a free-to-play shooter at heart. Now, the free version is live on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Vigor is a looter shooter at its core, but it does provide some other options for players to dig into. While the main mode is about securing loot drops and escaping the map, Bohemia Interactive has added other modes. There’s a one-life round-based mode where you must simply eliminate the other team using predetermined loadouts, and there are other variations on the main looter shooter mode. The round-based mode is a solid option for those wanting to jump into a quick match, ideal for Switch on the go.

The launch trailer shows glimpses of the game in action, but no real lengthy gameplay clips. Vigor looks noticeably blurrier than the version running on other systems, which is understandable if still a little disappointing. It’s a pretty big game with massive open maps though, so credit to Bohemia Interactive for getting any version of Vigor running on Switch.

The free-to-play version of Vigor is out now.

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