Pokémon Diamond and Pearl comparison: DS vs Switch

Pokémon Diamond Pearl comparison

Ever since the latest Pokémon Presents aired, I’ve seen countless takes on Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. One area of contention is the visual style of the remakes. For some, the chibi look of the Switch titles is the greatest injustice ever done to the series. For others, it seems like a natural evolution of the sprite graphics from the DS originals. What better way to discuss the artistic differences, then, than with a comparison video on the two Pokémon Diamond and Pearl experiences?

This Pokémon Diamond and Pearl comparison showcases the stark differences between the two styles

Have a look at an in-depth juxtaposition, courtesy of GameXplain:

This is some great work on GameXplain’s part. It directly compares different scenes from the games and even slows down the footage so viewers can fully comprehend the changes.

Some things I really like are the shadows and lighting in the remakes. Also, the chibi graphics are super cute, in my opinion. And if people don’t like the style, at least the battle animations look great. I’m willing to give developer ILCA a shot to prove itself.

Enthusiasts, did you enjoy the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl video comparison? Do you favor the sprites from the 2006 titles or the 3D graphics from the 2021 games? Let us know below.

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