Very Very Valet is a co-op party game about delivering cars to the extreme

very very valet nintendo switch release date early 2021 toyful games

Toyful Games’ Very Very Valet is all about being a valet who is willing to do whatever it takes to deliver cars. The game appeared at the recent Indie World Showcase and comes to Nintendo Switch in early 2021. The studio’s first project incorporates four player co-op into the mix, which we imagine will make things much more chaotic. For now, only local couch co-op has been announced.

It looks like time is of the essence with this one. The team says a “just park it anywhere” mentality will have to be applied at times, as that’s the only way to get the job done and “save the world from a severe parking crisis.” Very Very Valet will contain more than 20 levels across multiple environments, from streets and rail yards to airports and bowling alleys.

The local co-op party game genre is sure seeing a resurgence as of late. From the likes of Overcooked and Cake Bash to now Very Very Valet, it seems to be the next indie trend. We aren’t complaining though, as local co-op really shines on Switch.

Very Very Valet races to Switch early next year. Will you and some friends be coming along for Toyful’s ride?

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