Venusaur’s frog-like stride in Pokemon: Let’s Go confuses fans

Venusaur resembles a frog in the new Pokemon

It seems there is another twist in the Pokemon: Let’s Go series before the game even comes out that is leaving many a fan quite confused and upset. Venusaur, the evolved form of Bulbasaur, was always thought to be the giant dinosaur with a plant growing on its back.

Well, take a look at the video below which tells a different story. Venusaur seems to be acting less like a dinosaur and more like a frog hopping behind its trainer.

Fans are literally losing their minds. They have taken to social media to express their displeasure and horror that after all these years, what they originally thought isn’t true.

Why the change? Only Nintendo and The Pokemon Company can answer that. So far there has been no response to fan worries about what they now call “Vena-frog.”

What do you think? Is Venusaur a dinosaur or a frog? Do we really care either way? Pokemon Let’s Go still looks amazing and fans will play it regardless of Venusaur’s true identity. You can check out our previous coverage on Pokemon: Let’s Go right here.


Tarah Bleier