Gabe Newell of Valve says Miyamoto games made him a better developer

Gabe Newell Shigeru Miyamoto games better game developer New Zealand interview

While Valve isn’t the most prolific developer of actual games these days, the company is still obviously active. Of course, much of that revolves around Steam, its huge digital platform that remains popular with PC players. The company’s president, Gabe Newell, recently spoke with a news outlet in New Zealand about all things gaming, and the discussion turned to praise of Shigeru Miyamoto at one point.

The interview covers a range of topics in full, including whether or not Valve is tempted to move its operations to New Zealand amid the pandemic. Newell currently resides there, as he was on vacation with his family when the pandemic started to develop. As the interview goes on though, he does speak more about games specifically, including his influences.

Newell mentions Shigeru Miyamoto and the games he’s developed. In short, Miyamoto has had a big influence on Newell himself, as well as Valve’s games. “Playing Miyamoto’s games, it’s like, one, they’re a lot of fun, but I can’t think of any of his games I’ve ever played that didn’t make me better as a game developer.” said Newell. That’s high praise indeed, although we come to expect that with Miyamoto.

Newell also said, perhaps surprisingly these days, that Valve is cooking up some new video games. He said that developing the VR game Half-Life: Alyx “created a lot of momentum” within Valve to create more single-player experiences. Let’s hope that if they come to fruition, they’ll somehow, some way appear on a Nintendo system too.


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