Valve Acquires ‘Firewatch’ Dev Camp Santo

Independent game developer Camp Santo has been aquired by Valve, the company wrote on their official blog. The 12-person team will be joining Valve and continuing work on their latest project, In The Valley of Gods.

In Valve we found a group of folks who, to their core, feel the same way about the work that they do (this, you may be surprised to learn, doesn’t happen every day). In us, they found a group with unique experience and valuable, diverse perspectives. It quickly became an obvious match.”

Valve is known for some of the biggest video games of the last two decades, including the Portal franchise, Dota 2, and Team Fortress 2. How do you think Valve’s acquisition of Camp Santo will affect their games, if at all? Comment below, let us know.

Firewatch, Camp Santo’s hit title from 2016, is currently in development for Nintendo Switch.

Aric Sweeny
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