How Rowaantic: Waluigi currently tops Nintendo Valentine’s Day poll by a landslide vote


There are some gamers that have an unhealthy obsession with Waluigi. Some are so enamored with the character that they create conspiracy theories based on chair colors. A lot of the purple one’s fans are still crushed their hero did not make it into Smash Bros. Ultimate. These players, I assume, might be behind Nintendo’s recent Valentine’s Day poll. In it, Waluigi is currently winning the popular vote. By a lot.

True love or retribution for being slighted?

On the Play Nintendo website, users can participate in a questionnaire. The poll inquires: “Who would you like to give a Valentine to?” Among the choices are Mario, Peach, Isabelle, and Link, to name a few. Naturally, since Waluigi is one of the options, many of his fans bombarded the website with votes for the lanky dude. I literally just voted for Isabelle myself, and she’s currently at 241 tallies. Waluigi? 2765! No other person as a possibility has digits in the thousands!

I hope these votes are sincere. Waluigi DOES have a fancy mustache. In addition, he can be quite suave when he wants to be. I know all about those Mario Tennis Aces moves.

Then again, Waluigi’s fanatics are an obsessive bunch. Some wanted him in Ultimate so bad they were literally harassing Sakurai on Twitter, demanding his inclusion. It’s better to vent that frustration through a silly Valentine’s Day poll, don’t get me wrong. Knowing this, though, I question the validity of this vote. Cute doggies should always win ANY CONTEST.

How do you folks feel about these results? Is Waluigi a bonafide stud? Are fans looking towards revenge for Smash? Let us know down below!

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