About Us

For and by Nintendo Lovers* everywhere, like us

*But please don’t misunderstand us – we’re not a bunch of one-track, blindly devoted brand-devotee lunatics. (Those are Apple fans.) But seriously, we do obviously love Nintendo products and we hope that comes through in our writing.

We’re not here to engage in fanboy wars on why you should spray lighter fluid on the other guys’ products. We’re only here to bring you reputable appraisal on the very best you can buy on Nintendo Platforms.

What it does not mean is that Nintendo products all get a free pass, all sins are forgiven, and primarily means we focus on them exclusively. Our writing team owns and enjoys other gaming systems (heresy!) which means we maintain a realistic view of what a modern good video game should be, regardless of platform.


Nintendo Enthusiast was founded in 2006 by co-founders Menashe and Andrew. Today we have a team over 20 writers around the world and are part of a large network of web sites.

Ethics Disclosure

We are in no way affiliated with Nintendo. We are a wholly owned part of Enthusiast Gaming, the pro-consumer journalism company that publishes a family of other websites, such as Destructoid, Escapist, Daily Esports, Gamnesia, PC Invasion, and many others. Advertising on Nintendo Enthusiast primarily comes from third party at networks.  If we ever run sponsored content from an advertiser, it will be clearly labelled as such. Church and state!

As a long-time member of the gaming press we frequently are approached to review products for our readership.  In every such situation you can be sure that no dollar amounts, direct or indirect through advertising/travel/gifts were exchanged for the placement or inclusion of a game for review, and that all review codes provided by the developer or publisher for review are disclosed as such.  Unless otherwise stated, our company purchased the product directly for review.

We’re accessible and transparent about our practices, and we respect our readers’ privacy.  We live and die by our fans!