All-inclusive: Awesome website Fangamer has updated Hollow Knight stock, all DLC now included


Personal favorite website Fangamer is chock full of amazing things. Whether it’s t-shirts, books, or vinyl albums, there’s something for everyone, especially if you are a fan of indies. One particular point of interest is the site’s stock of physical carts for Hollow Knight. Previously, both the standard and collector’s edition did not contain all of the title’s DLC. The extra content had to be downloaded via an updated patch. Until now.

Updated Hollow Knight means less space taken from my micro SD card!

Hollow Knight contains four pieces of DLC: Hidden DreamsThe Grimm TroupeLifeblood, and Godmaster. During the initial run of the game’s physical launch, Godmaster had to be downloaded separately. While the reason for this is unknown, Fangamer has recently rectified the issue. Gamers who now purchase either edition of Hollow Knight will receive an updated cart with the complete game.

Thankfully, I have such a massive backlog. Otherwise, I would have bought Hollow Knight early and taken up more room on my micro SD card. In other words, I am free to buy the updated stock at Fangamer. In terms of the world of indie video game physical launches, it pays to be lazy. Unless you are in the market for a limited batch of cartridges. In that case, you just pre-order early and wait months for a package.

If there are Hollow Knight enthusiasts out there who didn’t purchase the title yet, you can do so here. Let us know if you are biting the bullet now or if you already bought the game months ago. The comment section awaits!

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