Unsurprisingly, turquoise is the most popular Switch Lite color

Nintendo Switch Lite turquoise most popular color Switch Lite D-pad

Nintendo has a history of releasing colorful handheld systems. From lime green Game Boy Colors to special edition Nintendo 3DS XLs, there has always been a color choice for everyone. Things are no different with the Nintendo Switch Lite, which had three colors upon release: yellow, gray, and turquoise. But out of the three, Nintendo has revealed turquoise has remained the popular choice.

Takashi Mochizuki of the Wall Street Journal has shined the spotlight on this most popular color and that it falls in line with Nintendo’s expectations. But really, how could you look at the three Nintendo Switch Lite colors and not pick turquoise? Okay, sure, my personal bias may be slipping in here. I am fonder of shades of blue and green after all, but come on. Gray just has absolutely no personality, and yellow just makes me want to throw up. So of course turquoise is the most popular color.

Jokes aside, the Switch Lite is selling really well for Nintendo right now. The idea of a completely portable Switch for $100 less was just too good of a deal for some people. Just know that if you picked anything other than turquoise, you’re wrong.

Is this information surprising to any of you? Which color of Switch Lite do you own? I’m not just asking to make sure you choose correctly. Let us know in the comments!


Adam Sherrill
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