UE4 on Wii U: The Saga Continues

Every news site under the sun is reporting this as a denial. However, if you read the question posed to Geoff Keighly then his answer, it could be yet another hint that it’s coming…

@DavidKalpakis asked Geoff Keighly

\”can you hint if the Wii u will be able to run Unreal Engine 4.\”

@geoffkeighly replied…

\”No, at GDC Mike Capps said Wii-U will be Unreal Engine 3.\”


Now the way I read this is \”No I can\’t hint\”, likely due to those pesky NDAs, \”but at GDC Mike Capps did say it will have Unreal Engine 3\”. Which means that Nintendo have been working with Epic games to make sure Wii U can run their engine. It was also right around GDC we heard Nintendo were tweaking the Wii U so it could run UE4.

What do you think? Am I grasping at straws?