‘Unravel Two’ Is Not Coming To Switch…Yet

unravel two

Early Saturday, Coldwood Interactive revealed Unravel Two, the sequel to 2016’s adorable puzzle game Unravel during the EA Play presentation.  While the game is now available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC for $19.99, it is not on Switch.  Yet.  During an interview with IGN, Coldwood Interactive’s Martin Sahlin was asked about the possibility of Yarny and his new friend coming to Switch.

“I would love to do it.  But the problem is we’re a really tiny team.,” said Sahlin.  He (Sahlin) then discussed how it would be a lot of work to expand Unravel Two to Switch.  But he did not close the door completely on the idea.

unravel two

“The answer is I hope so but not right now.,” said Sahlin.  If the Swedish indie studio decides to bring it over to Switch, odds are it will be a while before it’s in the eShop.  But if it does, here is what you can look forward to.  As mentioned earlier, Unravel Two involves two Yarnys journeying through the game’s beautiful and puzzle-filled world.

However, the game does not require two people to play, as one person can control both characters.  It is also a faster-paced game with added platformer features.  Sounds like a perfect game for the Joy-Con.  You can watch the full trailer below!


Nick Battaglia
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