Rolling in the dough: Unopened NES Kid Icarus sold for $9000


I’m sure many of you older gamers have quite an NES collection. Personally, I have quite a few cartridges still on my person. However, all of my games are opened and do not have their original boxes or instruction manuals. Sometimes, I wonder how much some of my titles would be worth had I kept them intact? It turns out, in the case of the rare Kid Icarus, quite a bit of money. Just ask Scott Amos, who recently discovered an unopened copy in his childhood home.

You never know what is right above your head

Scott was visiting his old house in Reno on Mother’s Day when his mom asked him to look through some boxes of his old stuff. Stashed away inside one of them up in the attic was a sealed copy of the original Kid Icarus. It was purchased over 30 years ago for $38.45. Mr. Amos never received it as a gift.

Funnily enough, Scott did not originally think an unopened NES game might go for a pretty penny or two. It was only after he went to the office and emailed some experts that he realized what he had on his hands. In fact, there are fewer than 10 sealed copies of Kid Icarus in the possession of vintage collectors. Amos hit a goldmine!

As Valarie McLeckie, video game consignment director at Heritage Auctions, stated in a press release:

Kid Icarus is one of the hardest NES titles to find in sealed condition. To find a sealed copy ‘in the wild,’ so to speak, not to mention one in such a nice condition and one with such transparent provenance, is both an unusual and rather historic occurrence. We feel that the provenance will add a significant premium for serious collectors.

Riches for all

Amos put his copy of Kid Icarus up for auction expecting at least $10,000. He sold it for $9000 and is splitting it down the middle with his sister, who might have been who the game was for, initially. In addition, Scott is taking his whole family on vacation with the moolah, including his parents. After all, it was because of their negligence that their kids ended up with so much wealth.

After reading this news, I am now upset I had loving parents that gave me my presents in a timely manner. All those years of childhood memories with opened video games, playing to my heart’s content. Meanwhile, I could have been sulking and sad that my folks forgot my birthday and been a richer adult. Thanks for all of the affection, mom, and dad!

My fellow old school gamers, do any of you have unopened NES games lying around? Have you looked up their worth? Let us know down below!

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