Unlock Sephiroth today in Smash Ultimate by completing Sephiroth Challenge

Sephiroth Challenge unlock Sephiroth Northern Cave Final Fantasy VII Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Although Sephiroth and Northern Cave are officially coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Dec. 22, you don’t actually have to wait that long. Those who have purchased Fighters Pass Vol. 2 or preorder the Sephiroth DLC ($5.99) are eligible to engage in a new limited-time event called Sephiroth Challenge, as revealed at the tail end of Masahiro Sakurai’s presentation. It will only be live between Dec. 17 and Dec. 22, and those who complete it will be able to start playing as Sephiroth today. In fact, you can update Super Smash Bros. Ultimate right now to receive access to the challenge.

The Sephiroth Challenge is actually just what it sounds like: You can fight the One-Winged Angel himself in order to unlock him and Northern Cave in the game! It’s a fun way to fully embrace the villain/boss motif that the character brings with him from Final Fantasy VII. Sakurai describes Easy and Normal difficulties of the battle “pretty challenging,” while Very Hard will be “extremely difficult.” Frankly, my Super Smash Bros. Ultimate skills are really rusty, so I know I stand no chance on that difficulty. Maybe you will fare better!

We have cued up Sakurai’s presentation below to the moment where he first reveals the unique Sephiroth Challenge.

John Friscia
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