Rumor: Zelda and Pokémon Universal theme parks are canceled

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If you’ve been dreaming about the possibilities ever since news broke that The Legend of Zelda and Pokémon could receive their own dedicated areas at Universal’s upcoming Super Nintendo World, well… sorry. According to Theme Park University, there is a credible rumor that plans for those two particular areas have been scrapped at Universal theme parks, for now at least.

The reasoning is that Universal is simply worried about going too big too fast with its Nintendo presence. Incorporating Zelda and Pokémon with its other plans would give Nintendo as large a presence at Universal parks as Harry Potter, and if the attractions turn out not as popular as expected, it could bring financial devastation. So they’re apparently dialing the scope of things back for now, likely to a Mario-centric presence. It doesn’t mean we’ll never see officially branded Zelda and Pokémon areas, but there’s strong reason to believe that none of them will be built within the next four years.

Up till now, the truth is that much of what we “know” about Nintendo’s presence at Universal parks has been based in rumors, including even this current news. We can’t say with certainty what to expect from Nintendo at the various Universal Studios locations until they are officially announced.


John Friscia
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