Universal Studios Orlando Epic Universe construction resumes at last

Universal parks Nintendo attractions Universal Studios Orlando Epic Universe construction continues Super Nintendo World

Last July, the Epic Universe at Universal Studios Orlando was delayed indefinitely due to COVID-19, putting the fate of its Super Nintendo World park into question. However, Orlando Informer reports that Universal Studios Orlando Epic Universe construction has resumed at last, and Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings says it is targeting an early 2025 opening.

Comcast owns Universal Studios, and Comcast Chairman and CEO Brian Roberts stated, “Work on Epic Universe paused in July 2020, as the company adjusted plans in the midst of the pandemic. The restart will begin immediately – but is expected to take several months before reaching full-speed, as Universal re-staffs for the project and reassembles its vendor and contractor teams.” This is understandable, as a mammoth project like this cannot simply sprint back into full development.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world from Universal Studios Orlando, there is Universal Studios Japan, which recently delayed the opening of its finished Super Nintendo World park, again owing to COVID concerns. However, rehearsals and media events have occurred at the park anyway, resulting in hours of high-quality footage showcasing all facets of the park. There’s even a Super Nintendo World train.

Barring any further crises, maybe those of us on the east coast of the United States will finally be able to enjoy Super Nintendo World at the Universal Studios Orlando Epic Universe in 2025. Let’s pretend that 2025 doesn’t feel like an eternity away.


John Friscia
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