Legend of Zelda area is probably coming to Universal Orlando Resort

Zelda Islands of Adventure Universal Orlando Resort

We know that Nintendo and Universal have become buddies lately and are collaborating for various projects. Now, there is a credible rumor from Theme Park University that a The Legend of Zelda-themed area will replace the Lost Continent at Islands of Adventure in Universal Orlando Resort. It could open as early as 2021.

It was previously announced that a Super Nintendo World park will be coming to Universal Studios Japan. Various other Nintendo areas are in development at Universal parks globally as well, though the details have not been made officially public. So basically, if you love Nintendo and live near any Universal park, it’s a wonderful time to be alive.

Specifics on what to expect from a Zelda area are unavailable, which means we can just let our imaginations run wild for now. Maybe a dark dungeon to explore with collectable keys? A miniaturized Temple of Time from which to pull the Master Sword for photo ops? Octorok on a stick to eat when we’re all done adventuring? Who knows?! Tell us what you’re hoping to see and experience in the comments.


John Friscia
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