Uncovered: Video of lost Sonic kart racing game has been uploaded online

lost Sonic kart racing game

It’s been a while since we heard of any upcoming Sonic games. True, we know he has titles launching this year as part of his 30th anniversary. But while we ponder what the Blue Blur has in store for gamers, we can look to his past for some rare footage of projects that flew under the radar. Like a lost Sonic kart racing game.

Now, Sonic has been known to race in cars before. However, did you know he had a mobile game that came out exclusively in Japan as part of the “Sonic Cafe” phone service? Enter: Sonic Kart 3DX.

The lost Sonic Kart 3DX looks like it’d be right at home on the DS

Check out 18 minutes of high-quality gameplay on YouTube:

Well, it doesn’t LOOK bad for a mobile game from 2005. But it appears dreadfully barren and boring to play. Of course, this can be due to the fact this footage is from an emulator. “Sonic Cafe” did shut down in the late 2000s, after all. This might have been more exciting with lots of people racing against you. Probably not, though, since the tracks are way too simple.

Enthusiasts, what do you make of Sonic Kart 3DX, the lost Sonic kart racing game? Let us know your feelings on it with a comment below.

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