What is the longest gaming session you’ve had?

video game Uncharted 4

Finding time to play games can be tough sometimes, but there’s an opposite end of the spectrum as well: sometimes, we’ve seemingly got all of the time in the world to play a game, and we do just that. What is the single longest gaming session you remember partaking in? What game was it, what led to such a long sitting, and how did you feel afterward?

Playing Uncharted 4 in one sitting takes it home for me. The game released toward the end of my senior year of high school, and I, being a huge fan of the series, saved up to preorder one of the special editions. The only issue was that the game came out a few days before my last ever AP test. For three days, I could do nothing more than gaze longingly at the steelbook copy of the game while I crammed for my exam. When it was finally finished, the stars aligned: my assignments were done, I had the next day off of school, and I had nothing else to do. I grabbed a can of Monster, sat down, and played the whole game, start to finish. It took about 17 excellent hours, and Uncharted 4 delivered every bit as much as I had hoped for. It was an excellent experience, even if it was a little exhausting by the end.

What’s the longest sitting you’ve had playing a game? What was the occasion?

Nick Pearson
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