There’s a big unadvertised Nintendo eShop Square Enix sale going on

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Am I the kind of weird nerd who goes to the Nintendo website specifically to do a search to see if Square Enix has any eShop sale going on? Yes, I am. And is there such a sale going on? Yes, there is, actually. A large selection of Nintendo Switch and even a couple Nintendo 3DS Square Enix games are currently on sale on the eShop, but it appears to be unadvertised, as it is not mentioned on the Sales and Deals page and Square hasn’t mentioned it on recent social media. So, it’s time to get while the gettin’s good.

Nintendo Switch and 3DS game eShop deals in the Square Enix sale

It took quite a while to type out this large list and insert all these hyperlinks, so enjoy the fruits of our labor and check out these Square Enix game deals on the Nintendo Switch and 3DS eShop for this unadvertised sale! Really, some of the only games not included in the sale at present are the biggest RPGs the publisher has launched on Switch — Dragon Quest XI SOctopath Traveler, Bravely Default II, and NEO: The World Ends with You — which probably isn’t a coincidence. Then again, NEO and its predecessor were already on sale recently.

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