Ultra Instinct Goku transcends in Dragon Ball FighterZ this month

Ultra Instinct Goku Ultra Instinct release date May 22 Dragon Ball FighterZ Pass 3 Season 3 Arc System Works Bandai Namco

Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 3 began with a bang when FighterZ Pass 3 introduced popular Dragon Ball Super character Kefla back on Feb. 28. Now, Bandai Namco and Arc System Works are continuing the fury with Ultra Instinct Goku, who will arrive in the game on May 22, complete with shiny silver hair. His debut trailer shows him fittingly bringing the pain to Jiren, the character that pushed Goku to transcend to this form in the first place.

The Universe Survival Saga was the final part of the Dragon Ball Super manga to be depicted on television (so far, at least). So the prolonged and extremely epic confrontation between Ultra Instinct Goku and Jiren, along with their myriad allies, has been one of our last televised experiences with the beloved characters lately, aside from the Dragon Ball Super: Broly film. That said, even if no more TV adaptations of the manga come for a long time, there are literally dozens of characters that Dragon Ball FighterZ could adapt just from the Universe Survival Saga alone.

The end of the Ultra Instinct Goku trailer reminds us that there are still three “Coming Soon…” slots for more FighterZ Pass 3 characters. Whom do you hope to see come next from Arc System Works and Bandai Namco? Tell us who you’re craving!


John Friscia
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