UK: Starlink lands at #14, selling better on Switch than Xbox One and PS4


Starlink: Battle For Atlas just had its debut weekend, landing at #14 overall in the United Kingdom charts. A couple other Switch titles performed steadily, too.

Ubisoft’s new IP isn’t doing particularly well, but what it’s done so far is largely due to Nintendo Switch owners. 82 percent of Starlink players bought it on the hybrid console. This is huge in comparison to the other systems. PlayStation 4 owners nabbed 10 percent of sales, with the Xbox version accounting for 9 percent of the sales.

Needless to say, Fox McCloud in Starlink is a huge selling point. The game feels at home on Switch, a notion we see reflected in its sales thus far.

Super Mario Party continued its success, landing at #7 on the charts. The game’s been a consistent name in the charts week-to-week, a fact I expect from a franchise the caliber of Mario Party.

The only other Switch title to crack the top ten list is Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, a game on other consoles as well. It was bumped a spot from last week, taking #9.

How do you forsee Starlink performing as we get further into the holiday season? What do you make of Super Mario Party’s sales so far? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.


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Aric Sweeny
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