Ubisoft’s Alain Corre Reiterates Wii U Support, Suggests Not Counting It Out

Ubisoft have been one of the, if not the, most supportive 3rd party publishers of Nintendo’s Wii U.  While Nintendo have received what amounts to a mixed bag of support from the likes of EA, Sqaure Enix, and Activision, Ubisoft have confirmed nearly every upcoming title will be available on the Wii U.

Alain Corre took a moment to sit down for an interview with MCV recently, in which he reiterated Ubisoft’s support of the Wii U as one of their core multiplatform strategy going forward.  He also reminded us to bear in mind that when quality games begin to release at a steady pace for any platform, sales tend to pick up considerably.

Moreover, he believes that it really only takes one system-selling game to begin generating steady sales increases and believes that Nintendo have the most experience in this regard.

One single game can change a platform’s fortunes – it happened for the DS, it happened for the Super Nintendo. I believe it can be the same for Wii U

While Nintendo fans would appreciate more varied 3rd party support for the Wii U, there is a lot to be said of Ubisoft’s firm stance on supporting the platform and the install base with multiplatform releases as well as 3rd party exclusives like ZombiU.  Though it did cause a negative reaction when Rayman Legends was delayed and converted to a multiplatform release, their release of the Rayman Challenges App and sequestering of Wii U exclusive features from other home consoles have been well received by fans.

What are your thoughts on Ubisoft’s continued support for the Wii U?  Let us know in the comments below.

Wesley Stopford