Ubisoft Forward reveals zippo Switch news, but a second event is coming

Far Cry 6 Giancarlo Esposito second Ubisoft Forward coming Nintendo Switch news Yves Guillemot

If you tuned in to Ubisoft Forward today, you were probably expecting at least some kind of Nintendo Switch news. An update on Gods & Monsters would have been reasonable, for instance. Forty-five-plus minutes later, however, that was not the case. More Watch Dogs: Legion gameplay, a gameplay deep dive of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, precious minutes wasted on mobile games and new battle royale Hyper Scape (now in open beta), and the official reveal of Far Cry 6 (which had already leaked in full recently) — that was basically the whole show.

However, Ubisoft ain’t done yet. CEO Yves Guillemot revealed a second Ubisoft Forward event will come later this year. If you’re a hardcore fan of the developer, this is terrific news. Alternatively, if you’re one of the many people experiencing fatigue that yet another digital game showcase is coming this year, maybe this isn’t so awesome to hear. Personally, I’m just really stubborn to get more information on Gods & Monsters; I can take or leave everything else.

Structurally, Ubisoft is not in a good place at all right now following sweeping allegations of mismanagement and sexual harassment that have rocked the company. The company is restructuring to address those issues and key company personnel with accusations levied against them have left the company. However, Ubisoft chose not to address any of that in today’s Ubisoft Forward, as it explained in advance.

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