Ubisoft Forward will be back for more in September

Ubisoft Forward

The first Ubisoft Forward event revealed approximately nothing on the Switch front, instead opting to focus on titles for other platforms like Watch Dogs: Legion and Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, but you’ve got another chance coming up if you’ve been hardcore hoping for some Ubisoft Switch love. Following up on CEO Yves Guillemot announcing that another Ubisoft Forward event was planned, company CFO Frédérick Duguet revealed Wednesday that the next showcase will take place in September. While announcing the target month for their next show, Duguet emphasized just how successful the first event was, stating that its viewership at some points even surpassed previous years of E3.

This next showcase will hopefully lead to some exciting Switch reveals, but I’m not expecting anything Nintendo beyond maybe some Gods & Monsters info. Hopefully, though, this iteration of Ubisoft Forward see either some fun Ubisoft retro content make it over to the platform – maybe some Assassin’s Creed title that hasn’t made it over yet – or even something like Far Cry 3. I could really, really use the incredible Far Cry 3 on the go.

This announcement comes at a rough time for Ubisoft as the company faces numerous allegations of sexual harassment and mismanagement within the workplace. Several executives have stepped down already, and it seems unlikely that the dust has settled. Ubisoft chose not to address the situation at the last Ubisoft Forward – a little ironic considering the name of the program and its use of “forward.” There’s no telling whether or not they’ll comment at their show in September.


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