Ubisoft, Activision, And EA Have No Current Announcement Plans For Wii U, Betting On Holiday Season

As previously discussed in our feature article, it has been becoming increasingly apparent that the Holiday season will be Wii U’s one moment to increase sales of the platform at least if the system plans to continue getting third party support into 2014.

According to an interview conducted by Gamesindustry International, both Ubisoft and Activision do not have any future announcements for the Wii U as of now with both citing the poor sales performance of the games they supported the Wii U with. ZombiU, one of the most popular titles Ubisoft supported the Wii U with, apparently didn\’t even come close to meeting sales expectations and because of this, the company has no plans or even a desire to create a sequel for the platform. In fact, the sales performance of ZombiU was apparently precisely the reason for Rayman Legends going multiplatform. This may come as a shock to many considering the game does have a 1 in 7 attach rate, but I\’m guessing Ubisoft was betting on Wii U selling more units by now. It is also worth noting that the interview does not cite any direct quote from Ubisoft so it’s not 100% confirmed Ubisoft is not making a sequel to ZombiU let alone even actually being disappointed with the games performance, especially since the company was reportedly working on a prototype sequel. Activision cited a similar problem stating that they were disappointed with their games\’ sell-through and have to be judicious of where they allocate resources. For EA, it’s Wii U’s lack of a rich online environment that concerns them the most.


While Nintendo platforms have always been led by their flagship titles and even won the 7th generation in sales mainly with their first party titles, if Nintendo ever plans to fulfill their goal of winning back the audience that prefers a system with an abundance of third party titles, they will have to work better on addressing the grievances of these developers. This is an issue Nintendo President and CEO Satoru Iwata has recently revealed during Nintendo’s stockholders meeting┬áthat they\’d be remedying first and foremost by leading the way with their powerhouse first party titles.


In that same stockholders meeting, Nintendo revealed that they actually do have more titles to announce for before 2013 so if the current line of holiday releases doesn\’t intrigue the modern consumers, maybe their upcoming unannounced titles, that we\’ll likely see in a Nintendo Direct, will.

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Omar T