Two ‘Sega Ages’ games are coming to Nintendo Switch in August


Two Sega Ages games will be coming to Nintendo Switch in August according to Famitsu. The games will also be getting a Japanese release per the magazine. In August Sonic the Hedgehog and Thunder Force IV will be available on the console for 925 Yen ($8.20) each.

The Switch version of Sonic’s first game will be similar to the 3DS version, allowing players to use his famed Spin Dash. The game will also feature the arcade version as well. Thunder Force IV is a Sega side-scrolling shoot’em up game from 1992.


Taking place after Thunder Force III, the galaxy federation is still undergoing hostile attacks from a threat called the Vios. The Vios is an army comprised of strands of the ORN empire, a former antagonist. Ten levels make up the game, and players play as Rynex, a small spacecraft. There are other Sega Ages games that are coming to Switch as well, including Phantasy Star, and Alex the Kid in Miracle World.

What are some other classic Sega games you hope to play on Nintendo Switch? Comment below!

Nick Battaglia
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