Two Point Hospital Sonic the Hedgehog Pack out now, plus free game trial

Two Point Hospital Sonic the Hedgehog Pack Games Sega

Sega and Two Point Games have announced that a free Sonic the Hedgehog Pack is available now for Two Point Hospital, adding free Sonic, Amy, Knuckles, and Tails hospital staff costumes and items. Those items include a Sonic statue, decorative rugs, and a huge Gold Ring, so you can truly create a festive Sega hospital experience for the 30th anniversary of Sonic. And in addition to the Sonic the Hedgehog Pack, Two Point Trial is currently offering a free trial of the game on the Nintendo Switch eShop through August 3, and the game and its DLC are all 30% off through August 8.

Likewise, the game is free to play on Steam through August 2, with the base game 75% off and DLC upward of 50% off through August 5. And with Gold Free Play Days on Xbox Live, it is available through August 1, with the game and its DLC 30% off through August 9. (Yeah, the sales and free trial numbers are a little complicated.) In any case, you can check out the weirdly cute and charming Two Point Hospital Sonic the Hedgehog Pack in the short video below.

If you love this game, then you probably already have management sim Two Point Campus on your radar, which will see you building an entire university campus in 2022.

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