Two Point Campus release date set for May to build your dream campus

Two Point Campus release date May 17, 2022 Sega preorder bonus trailer Nintendo Switch PS4 PS5 Xbox One Series X Game Pass PC Steam PlayStation 4 5

Publisher Sega and British developer Two Point Studios have announced a Two Point Campus release date of May 17, 2022 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Game Pass, and PC via Steam, and the game is now available to preorder physically and digitally on most (not Switch) platforms. This is the follow-up to Two Point Hospital, except instead of a hospital, you are now managing the in-depth development of a school campus.

The Two Point Campus release date / preorder trailer provides a thoroughly entertaining and funny overview of the experience. The aim is to help students both get good grades and enjoy themselves, while developing meaningful relationships with others along the way. (Students have their own individual traits you need to manage as well.) The more the students succeed, the more your school’s prestige increases, and the more students you will receive, resulting in more money for further campus upgrades. The game will let you get creative with how you design the dormitories, pathways, and more. And for the sake of zaniness, Two Point Campus offers courses for students in pretty diverse topics, like gastronomy and robotics.

Sega has additionally provided details on bonus items you can get for preordering Two Point Campus ahead of its May release date:

Decorate your gardens with a U-shaped ‘Topiary’, satisfy your thirst for learning with the ‘Fountain of Knowledge’ and get your very own ‘Pearl of Wisdom’. If you own Two Point Hospital and you pre-order Two Point Campus, it’s your lucky day, as Hospital owners will receive* some awesome free in-game items for Two Point Hospital, like a Varsity jacket and a suit of armour. If you purchase a physical copy of Two Point Campus, you’ll receive the “Enrolment Edition”, which comes with an awesome fold out Campus Map, a stylish University Prospectus and exclusive packaging.

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