Eagle eye: Fan spots reference to Pokémon Platinum content in Diamond/Pearl remakes

Pokémon Platinum content

It’s been a few days since we saw the reveal of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. While I initially thought the remakes looked kinda dumb, graphics-wise, I’ve since warmed up to the chibi style. I never got a chance to play either game or their sister title, Pokémon Platinum, so now I am free to do so. Speaking of Pokémon Platinum, a Twitter user spotted a reference to the game’s content in the trailer shown during the latest Pokémon Presents.

It pays to watch events closely, especially for fans that are eager to see if Pokémon Platinum content made it into the remakes

Twitter user Voltimer put up the following post yesterday:

As Voltimer points out, an extra NPC was added to Floaroma Town in Pokémon Platinum. They give you the key item Gracidea if you have Shaymin in your party. Gracidea will turn Shaymin from this:

Pokémon Platinum content
Sonic the grasshog

Into this:

Pokémon Platinum content
Now it means business!

While there is no official confirmation of Pokémon Platinum content in the Switch remakes of Diamond and Pearl, I think it’s highly likely it will show up. I don’t think the Pokémon Company is keen to make a third companion game to the recently announced remakes, especially since it also has to tackle Pokémon Legends Arceus.

Enthusiasts, do you think Pokémon Platinum content will be in the Switch remakes of D/P? Let us know below.

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