Twitter Source Says No Third Sonic in 2013


If your a blue blazing, Sonic loving fanboy, and you were looking forward to the three peat Sonic adventure exclusive outing from Nintendo and Sega, well, things got a little tight.  Rich at IGN spoke briefly with Sega who confirmed that the third Sonic game will not arrive in 2013.  You can read it for yourself in the tweet below.

Been busy but just re-confirmed with SEGA that the \’third\’ Sonic game in Nintendo’s three-game deal will not arrive in 2013.

— Rich (@RichIGN) June 3, 2013

There has not been any new changes since this recent tweet but let’s hope more information becomes available.  We will let you know when the third game will be released as soon as we get confirmation.

What are your thoughts on the third game delay? Give a shout in the comments section.

[Source: @RichIGN via Twitter]

Tom Stovall