Twitter trolls make “Nintendo Direct” trending during PS4 State of Play

Twitter trolls make "Nintendo Direct" trending during PS4 State of Play

Nintendo must be used to having their style aped on at this point. Whether it’s the Game Boy, motion controls, or mini retro consoles, competitors try to one-up the Big N. No competitor seems to have done this more than Sony, though. In their latest display of aping Nintendo, Sony has opted to go with a direct marketing video series. It certainly makes sense after announcing they won’t be showcasing at E3 this year. But to go full on Nintendo Direct? Now THAT’S shameless.

Gaming fans also showed their distaste for Sony’s latest act of copying Nintendo’s style. On Twitter earlier today, the term “Nintendo Direct” was trending during the release of the PlayStation State of Play video.

Twitter trolls make "Nintendo Direct" trending during PS4 State of Play

This was followed by what seems like overall disappointment with what Sony had to show during State of Play. Nintendo Directs always seem to have an unparalleled level of hype surrounding them. However, like the PlayStation Classic before it, State of Play appears to have fallen short with fans.

Still, that’s not to say Sony won’t try again and hope for better results. After all, this appears to be their primary way to reach out to PlayStation owners going forward. Let’s just hope that they develop a more original identity.

David Giltinan
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