Twitch invokes Mario, saying Mixer streamer Ninja ‘is in another castle’

Twitch Ninja | Twitch invokes Mario, saying Mixer streamer Ninja 'is in another castle'

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins recently abandoned his Twitch channel to stream on Mixer. Despite his tremendous success on Twitch, the Fortnite streamer left in order to stream exclusively on Microsoft’s Mixer under his new deal. His Twitch channel now lays dormant, a fact that Twitch is now poking fun at.

Twitch used a Super Mario reference in order to direct unaware viewers away from Ninja’s channel. A banner at the top of the channel read, “The Ninja you’re looking for is in another castle.” Of course, this comes from Toad’s “Our princess is in another castle!” line from Super Mario Bros.

Ninja’s Twitch page also encouraged viewers to take a look at other “popular live channels,” listing several active streamers, Fortnite players in particular. This could allow Twitch to direct traffic towards other streamers, at least until unwitting Ninja fans stop visiting his Twitch channel. The streamers advertised on this now inactive page could become the new Fortnite powerhouses on Twitch.


Ninja’s success since leaving Twitch

Thus far, leaving his old streaming platform has proved an effective strategy for Ninja. A new promotion allows viewers to subscribe to Ninja’s Mixer channel for a month without charge. As a result, Ninja currently boasts over 500,000 subscribers on Mixer. For reference, Ninja’s Twitch channel peaked at about 250,000 subscribers. Of course, it is unclear how many of these subscribers will stay once their free month is finished.

Naturally, Twitch revoked Ninja’s partner status once he announced his deal with Mixer. Despite this, Twitch users can still view his channel. This includes over 900 videos that currently remained untouched by Twitch.

We have to wait to see what will become of Ninja’s VODs. Typically, archived livestreams are only saved on Twitch for 60 days. However, Twitch may decide to make an exception in this case, considering the significant impact of Ninja’s work. In any case, it seems that no decision has currently been made on the matter, as no announcement has been issued.


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