Tune in: Limited Run Games will hold its annual presentation on June 14

Limited Run Games presentation

Ah, Limited Run Games. The bane of my wallet’s existence. It seems there is always a listing for something outrageously cool popping up from the company that values physical games. Last year, the corporation decided to give gamers a preview of what it had in store with a video conference. Limited Run Games is doing the same thing next month, as June 14 is the date of its annual presentation.

I can’t keep charging my credit card like this, Limited Run Games

LRG announced its show with a tweet confirming it will do a physical run of the recently announced Lucasfilm Classic Games: Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Ghoul Patrol:

I can’t wait to see more details on this. I used to rent Zombies Ate My Neighbors all the time from my local video store. Look at the cover art and tell me you wouldn’t grab it right away:

Limited Run Games presentation

Hopefully, we’ll get a cool package from LRG with some fancy 3D glasses and a stylish cap. And who knows what other digital Switch titles will get the physical treatment?

Here are the air times for the presentation on June 14:

– 1 PM PT
– 4 PM ET
– 9 PM in the UK
– 10 PM in Europe

Enthusiasts, will you be tuning into this year’s Limited Run Games presentation? Let us know in the comments below!

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