Truck Racing Championship by KT Racing coming to Switch 7/19

Everybody knows what a semi-truck/18-wheeler is. They’re those big trucks that haul those equally big trailers carrying stuff like your 10th Amazon Prime order for the week and various other goods. Most car drivers get kind of nervous being too close to those slow, lumbering wheeled-behemoths. But, did you know they actually can race? No, seriously.

Truck racing is a very real sport that involves taking those big rigs and supercharging them to make them more powerful and aerodynamic. Then they’re sent out on a track, just like a typical race car. #TheMoreYouKnow

Not only is this a little factoid lesson, but it’s also an announcement: Truck Racing Championship is coming to Switch in July 2019, alongside other platforms. It’s being developed by KT Racing, the same studio that brought V-Rally 4 to the Switch back in Winter 2018, and will also be bringing WRC to the system in September. 

Truck Racing Championship is the official racing game of the ETRC, and will feature 12 racing trucks and each race will take place on a circuit that will have four sprints of 45 km each. Take a look at the game in motion in the announcement trailer:

V-Rally 4 was pretty decent on the Switch, so this next outing by KT Racing should hopefully be improved now that the team has gained some experience.

Here’s the press release:

Lesquin, April 25th, 2019 – Bigben is happy to announce Truck Racing Championship, the official racing simulation of the ETRC, developed using the KT Engine, a specialized game engine for creating racing simulations (WRC, TT Isle of Man, V-Rally). The game will be available on PlayStation 4TM, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch™ in July 2019.


Truck Racing Championship promises a new experience for fans of racing games as well as the large number of trucking simulation fans. Taming an overpowered, 5-ton monster is entirely different than driving a race car or a motorcycle. It’s an unprecedented challenge that will require some racing game expertise.


In this game, a TRC race consists of 12 trucks on a circuit, facing off in four sprints of 45 km each, with special passing techniques, physics and inertia distinct from any other type of vehicle, special penalties, and a reservoir of 200 liters of water that must be managed manually to cool your brakes, avoid overheating, and finish the race.


For several years, the championship has grown quickly and draws a larger and larger crowd every year. The amazingly spectacular races have ignited a growing passion for the discipline, and the media gives it wide visibility. The confrontations between these mechanical behemoths take place across the greatest circuits in Europe such as Le Mans, the Nürbürgring, Misano and the Hungaroring.

Watch the trailer to discover the particularities of this new simulation that will lead you across all the most epic circuits in Europe and the United States.


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