Troy Baker apologizes, drops plans for voice NFT

Troy Baker Voice NFT

Earlier this month, renowned video game voice actor Troy Baker announced plans to team up with VoiceVerseNFT to create a “voice NFT.” As you might guess, that plan was immediately controversial, with many fans immediately deriding Troy Baker’s involvement in the project and ridiculing the concept of a “voice NFT” (whatever that’s supposed to be). This morning, Troy Baker’s role in the project came to an unceremonious end: the voice actor issued an apology and announced that he is dropping out of the VoiceVerseNFT project. In his apology, which you can see in full in the embedded tweet, Troy Baker thanked fans for their “feedback” and “patience,” which is certainly one way to describe the Twitter tidal wave he invoked when he first announced the project.

NFTs are hugely unpopular due to concerns over their obscene energy usage, their presence in high volumes of digital art theft, and their general lack of utility. NFTs have recently made a lot of noise in the gaming space; beyond Troy Baker’s attempted foray into voice NFTs, executives from several major publishers are exploring potential avenues for incorporating NFTs into their games. Many gamers are not happy about these developments, which was led to many of those considering NFT involvement to either drop out (as Troy Baker did this morning) or double down.


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