Triangle Strategy “Challenge Your Convictions” trailer dives into features

Project Triangle Strategy Tomoya Asano Square Enix Artdink developer interview details Q&A game length 50 hours trailer

Triangle Strategy, an upcoming Switch tactical RPG from Square Enix, just received a brand new trailer that takes a deep look at the game’s features and designs. Clocking in at nearly three minutes long, the trailer shows off gameplay. characters, the gorgeous HD-2D graphics, and the various moral dilemmas that players will face throughout the game’s story. You can watch the trailer below, courtesy of the official Nintendo YouTube account.

We have already received a fair share of details about Triangle Strategy, such as the fact that it is targeting around fifty hours of gameplay, but it’s always nice to get more looks at the game in action through a new trailer. As the trailer shows, the game appears to have a lot of substance under the hood.

Set for release in March 2022, Triangle Strategy hopes to build on the strengths of Octopath Traveler while correcting its weaknesses in an entirely different RPG subgenre. With any luck, the focus on the story this time around will prove to be justified after the weak, unengaging storylines in Octopath Traveler. I’m also a big fan of what appears to be a more expansive color palette to show off what HD-2D is capable of pulling off.

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