Triangle Strategy trailer introduces the Strategist Benedict Pascal

Triangle Strategy trailer introduces the Strategist Benedict Pascal

Square Enix has released the third character & story trailer for its upcoming Switch RPG, Triangle Strategy, that introduces us to the Strategist and loyal steward to House Wollfort, Benedict Pascal.

Benedict Pascal is one of the playable characters of Triangle Strategy. As a steward to House Wolffort, he’s like an advisor to the main protagonist Serenoa Wolffort. Other tasks involve managing spies, scouts, and more for House Wolffort. One of the game’s party members, Anna Pascal, shares the same last name as Benedict and is also a spy. However, we still don’t know if the two are even related or happen to share the same last names.

Benedict’s class is “Strategist,” and he wields swords as his weapon of choice in battle. As a Strategist class, he can provide buffs by temporarily raising ally stats. He’s a balanced fighter in combat.

In Triangle Strategy, you’ll test the weight of your convictions, and decisions you make determine who joins you. That means there’s a chance Benedict won’t join you, depending on the choices you make.

Check out the Triangle Strategy Benedict Pascal introduction trailer below:

Triangle Strategy is slated to release for the Nintendo Switch on March 4, 2022. Previous character trailers featured Roland Glenbrook and Frederica Aesfrost.