Triangle Strategy TGS 2021 trailer shows off its pretty HD-2D world

Triangle Strategy trailer TGS 2021 trailer shows off more of its pretty HD-2D world

Square Enix officially titled Project Triangle Strategy to Triangle Strategy, and we got an extended look at its pretty HD-2D world in a TGS 2021 trailer.

Triangle Strategy is the latest title from Square Enix that uses its proprietary HD-2D graphics, which combine pixel art characters with modern graphics. The story changes based on the decisions you make. More specifically, there are three convictions out of Utility, Morality, and Liberty influencing how the story is told. When the time comes to make a big decision, the characters weigh in and cast their votes. The process is done through the “Scales of Conviction,” which we get to see in the trailer.

If you’re familiar with the battle system of the Final Fantasy Tactics games, Triangle Strategy is quite similar. For example, positioning is a big part of the battle, where units on higher ground have the upper hand with increased range. You can also deal more damage to enemies by hitting them from behind. The terrain is also a factor in combat. For example, you can use fire to melt icy grounds then follow up with lightning to electrocute enemies standing in the melted puddle.

Watch the Triangle Strategy TGS 2021 trailer below:

Triangle Strategy will launch for the Nintendo Switch on March 4, 2022.