Triangle Strategy Roland Glenbrook trailer goes hard into FFT, Tactics Ogre-style moral dilemmas

Triangle Strategy Roland Glenbrook trailer Square Enix Artdink moral dilemmas story character style of Tactics Ogre Final Fantasy Tactics

Publisher Square Enix and developer Artdink have released the first (English) “Character & Story Trailer” for tactical RPG Triangle Strategy on Nintendo Switch, elaborating on Roland Glenbrook. He is the best friend of Serenoa Wolffort and the younger prince of Glenbrook, and it seems he’ll be struggling to reconcile his high ideals with the cruel realities of life and war. Roland will be “forced to make a bitter decision” that you evidently will get to decide, just like in Tactics Ogre. The whole game continues to have a tremendous Tactics Ogre vibe, in the best possible way, but likely more people have played the similar Final Fantasy Tactics.

If you’re hoping to play Triangle Strategy totally fresh, then you might not even want to watch the Roland Glenbrook Character & Story Trailer, since the latter half feels a bit spoiler-ish. It’s fairly benign through. It just involves… an “illicit salt trade.” In any case, the trailer reiterates that “your convictions will determine your path,” which will in turn affect which characters join your party over time.

You will get to decide the fate of Roland Glenbrook when Triangle Strategy launches on March 4, 2022 on Nintendo Switch. The game carries the spirit of Tactics Ogre so hard, so now it’s just a question of if Square Enix and Artdink can scrounge up the same quality of gameplay and writing, which is honestly a tall ask.


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