Triangle Strategy (yes, that’s the real, final title) launches on Switch in March 2022

Nintendo Direct September 2021 Triangle Strategy release date square enix artdink demo feedback nintendo switch gameplay trailer

At the September 2021 Nintendo Direct, Square Enix announced that Triangle Strategy (it is no longer a “project”) has a final release date of March 4, 2022 on Nintendo Switch, and preorders begin today on the eShop. Your morality will guide your decision-making, which will in turn lead you down different paths in the narrative. Data collected from a survey for the Project Triangle Strategy demo earlier this year was studied carefully by the development teams at Square Enix and Artdink, resulting in the following changes for the final game: adjustments to difficulty, improvement to on-screen visuals, camera angle controls, the ability to review previous dialogue, and streamlined game flow and loading times.

For the most new details on Triangle Strategy from Nintendo and Square Enix, check out the September 2021 Nintendo Direct stream cued up to the precise moment below. Alternatively, underneath that you can just watch the trailer itself, which shows plenty to much on as well. Either way, the wait for the March 4, 2022 release date of Project Triangle doesn’t seem too awful, especially when there are so many other games to play right now.

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