Trials Rising gets massive Gigatrack as free DLC

Trials Rising Gigatrack

Trials Rising is an ideal Nintendo Switch game. The bite-sized nature of the dozens of brisk yet brutal side-scrolling motorbike challenges the game throws at you are great for a quick gaming session before bed or during your commute. While there are certainly longer, more exhausting tracks in the precision focused vehicular puzzle game, they pale in comparison to the latest track coming to Trials Rising. It’s the longest track in the series, it’s called the Gigatrack, and it’ll be available for free on all consoles this week.

The Gigatrack originally comes from Trials Evolution, where it introduced a massive, incredibly long track to the game that proved to be an insane endurance test. The new Trials Rising version of the Gigatrack maintains that DNA, but expands the idea even further. Touted as the new longest track to ever be featured in a Trials game, the new and improved Gigatrack spans five different environments from the base game. It’s a tense and arduous challenge, and anyone who owns the game on any platform will be able to tackle it for the low price of free when it launches on July 16.

Trials Rising is currently available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


Miguel Moran
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