Trials Rising adds five new tracks in Polar Expedition pack, out now

trials rising

Ubisoft released Trials Rising at the beginning of 2019, but the physics-focused motorbike-based platformer has still been getting regular updates and content packs since then. While the winter holidays have passed, the weather is still frightfully frosty out there, making it the perfect time to release the Polar Expedition track pack for Trials Rising.

trials rising polar expedition

Fans can log into the game today and access the new Polar Expedition tracks on any console. There are five new ice-covered levels to test your skills on, with each one ramping up in difficulty from the last. Permafrost is focused on airtime and lots of it, with a huge amount of jumps and ramps littered throughout the level that will put your air control to the ultimate test. Glacial Mass, meanwhile, is a deadly race against time, with sinking icebergs dotting the stage that will leave you stranded in sub-zero waters if you aren’t quick enough.

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Then there’s Inuit’s Paradise, which promises one of the prettiest backdrops in Trials Rising. As the Aurora Borealis hangs in the sky, you’ll need to pull off some serious technical feats to maneuver around the tricky geometry laced throughout this stage. Once you conquer that, Out Cold sees you navigating through a military station to reach underground chambers full of wild secrets.

Finally, there’s Iceferno, loosely based on the ice-covered depiction of the final level of Hell from Dante’s Inferno. This Extreme track is the toughest of the bunch, and only masterful Trials Rising experts will be able to complete it.

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Trials Rising is available now for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


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