Trading Post guide for Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Pokémon Legends: Arceus Trading Post

Pokémon Legends: Arceus once again features a plethora of Pokémon that evolve using specific items that are rather hard to come by naturally. Thankfully, there is a more reliable method of obtaining these items. Located just outside the Training Grounds in Jubilife Village, the Pokémon Legends: Arceus Trading Post has many evolution items in stock for you to purchase, and this guide will show you how to make the best of it. Money won’t help you here; instead, you’ll need to purchase items with good deeds.

Lost Satchels and Merit Points and how they relate to the Pokémon Legends: Arceus Trading Post

One major feature of Pokémon Legends: Arceus is the ability for your trainer to take damage from wild Pokémon and falling. If you take enough damage, you’ll black out and be rescued by the Galaxy Team at the cost of some of the items in your satchel. You can get those items back courtesy of online players picking up your Lost Satchel though. While this in and of itself doesn’t help you obtain Trading Post items, turning the tables to help others can.

As you adventure through Hisui, you may notice bag icons on your map. These symbolize Lost Satchels, dropped where trainers have fallen. Locating these bags and picking them up will reward you with a new currency called Merit Points. Each bag you pick up will net you between 50 and 100 Merit Points once you confirm the return in the Lost Satchel menu. These points in turn can be exchanged at the Trading Post for its wares. Available bags and their point totals can be seen in the game’s menus just after the save screen so you can plan out a route to get some if you want. You can also see what satchels you currently have out in the world.

Notably, Lost Satchels will appear in your game regardless of whether or not you’re online and will work the same way, though the symbolism is a bit different. In any case, I still recommend switching your game to online if you’re able, since then other players can pick up your Satchels. You can swap your online status on the Lost Satchel menu page near the bottom of the screen.

Trading Post merchandise

Once you’ve collected enough Merit Points in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, you can exchange them for items at the Trading Post. These items include the following:

  • Poké Ball — 10 MP
  • Rare Candy — 1,000 MP
  • Fire Stone — 1,000 MP
  • Water Stone — 1,000 MP
  • Thunder Stone — 1,000 MP
  • Leaf Stone — 1,000 MP
  • Ice Stone — 1,000 MP
  • Moon Stone — 1,000 MP
  • Sun Stone — 1,000 MP
  • Shiny Stone — 1,200 MP
  • Dusk Stone — 1,200 MP
  • Dawn Stone — 1,200 MP
  • Oval Stone — 400 MP
  • Razor Claw — 1,400 MP
  • Razor Fang — 1,400 MP
  • Reaper Cloth — 1,400 MP
  • Metal Coat — 1,000 MP
  • Protector — 1,400 MP
  • Electirizer — 1,400 MP
  • Magmarizer — 1,400 MP
  • Upgrade — 1,000 MP
  • Dubious Disc — 1,400 MP
  • Linking Cord — 1,400 MP

All in all, though gaining enough points may take a little bit of time, this is a fairly easy way to work towards getting these items naturally when you’re out exploring. At the very least, it’s certainly quite a bit safer than venturing into the dangerous Space-Time Distortions! Be sure to use the Trading Post next time you’re exploring in Pokémon Legends: Arceus!

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