Towerfall Switch port is done, says Celeste dev

Matt Thorson, the head of the indie studio Matt Makes Games, recently took to Twitter to provide a couple of updates on what is going on with his studio. One update (see below) will excite fans who have been eagerly awaiting the Switch port of TowerFall: Ascension. While we do not have too much to work with, Matt shared that the TowerFall Switch port is complete and said that more info is coming soon. This could imply that all that is left before release is standard submission procedures with Nintendo, but there is no way to be sure beyond speculation.

Regardless, it seems that the Towerfall Switch port’s development has very little left on the pre-release to-do list. Hopefully, it will not be too much longer until we can split the Joy-con and finally enjoy some fast-paced archery deathmatches with our friends.

Nick Pearson
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