Tomb Raider collection trademark has fans hopeful for a potential release

Tomb Raider collection trademark T.R.U.E. Tomb Raider Ultimate Experience Square Enix Crystal Dynamics Nintendo Switch

Rumors are circling about a Tomb Raider collection releasing in the near future, following a trademark filing by Square Enix. The name T.R.U.E Tomb Raider Ultimate Experience was initially trademarked in 2018 before being renewed last month. Platforms at this stage are unconfirmed, but Nintendo Switch is often a target for re-releases of older titles.

The trademark filing shows there’s intent from Square Enix, but we’re yet to see if a release is forthcoming. An alleged promotional image has also been posted online as part of a rumor report, but that is actively being called fake by Direct-Feed Games.

Tomb Raider Switch Square Enix collection
Probably fake

The specific contents of the package are not yet known, should a Tomb Raider collection ever come to light at all. The above, likely bogus image shows PS1-era Tomb Raider, the 2007 remake of the original, and the 2010 spin-off, Guardian of Light. It stands to reason a real collection could contain all such things, but we can’t read Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics’ minds.

Last month, Square Enix announced that its planned E3 2020 announcements would now be made across July and August. Could T.R.U.E Tomb Raider Ultimate Experience be announced then? We’ll find out soon enough.

What are you hoping to see announced?


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