Tomato Adventure, Mario & Luigi dev’s first GBA game, gets English patch

Tomato Adventure English fan translation patch AlphaDream Mario & Luigi developer dev Game Boy Advance GBA RPG

The dream ended for Japanese game developer AlphaDream back in October 2019, when it filed for bankruptcy and dissolved. AlphaDream is best remembered for the Mario & Luigi RPG franchise for Nintendo, but prior to those games, the developer first worked with Nintendo to create a 2002 Game Boy Advance RPG, Tomato Adventure. Tomato Adventure only released in Japan, apparently because its intended demographic was too young and small and its battle system “wasn’t received well.” Nonetheless, some hardcore fans in the West have been curious to experience the game, and now at long last, a full English translation patch for Tomato Adventure has been shared online.

A largely anonymous team has put together the patch, including “Unknown W. Brackets” doing the hacking, “DeMille” (That’s the name of the game’s main character.) providing the translation, and “CrazyMLC” providing graphics editing. They also reference professional Japanese-to-English localizer (and Mother 3 fan translator) Clyde Mandelin, who provided the initial tools back in 2016 to make fan translation of Tomato Adventure possible.

If you look at footage of Tomato Adventure battles, the first thing you will probably notice is just how much of the same art style is present in Mario & Luigi. It differentiates itself though with a variety of unique weapons that involve completing minigames in order to do damage. There are assorted sidequests and environmental puzzles as well. For a better idea of how it all works, a couple old videos of the game being played by Mandelin have been provided below.

Let us know if you’re excited to be able to finally try AlphaDream’s Tomato Adventure in English thanks to this fan translation patch.


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